Interactive Demo

The Interactive Demo development is still in progress. This currently a non-functional prototype in which the real interative demo will be based...

This will start an interactive demo of the Asserted Versioning Framework (AVF). It performs updates to a real database using the code and processes developed by Asserted Versioning LLC..

The demo will build real SQL using input from you, the demo developer. The generated SQL will be presented to you and executed in the database.

The generated SQL looks just like common SQL as used in non-temporal database, but is translated by the framework into the atomic units that maintain the complete bi-temporal structures.

The entered data will be segregated from other users by using your email address as a hashed key. The session starts with an empty database, and can be updated with generated, common looking INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL statements, then inquired using SELECT statements from any temporal dimension, effective and asserted.

Time always moves forward, so that you can perform a simulation, we allow you to set a starting date/time which mimic the retults of the Now() [getdate(), current_timestamp], function. We will also let you increment the date in between updates, so you can better control the simulation.

To start, please supply your email address. According to our privacy policy, we will not give or sell your email address to any external organizations, but we might, rarely, send you updates on the Asserted Versioning Framework. You can opt-out at any time.

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