Video Demo

The Asserted Versioning Framework has been built into a SQL Server 2008 database. These videos show a screen capture session showing the real SQL being executed in a real SQL Server database.

We show the Inserts, Updates, Deletes and Selects. We show how we encapsulate the complexities into simple SQL that looks like its non-temporal counterpart.

We also demonstrate the execution of a Delete that has a Temporal Foreign Key (TFK) between the Client and Policy tables that have a Temporal Delete Cascade Rule.

After each updating SQL we perform deletes to show the temporal views and the raw data.

The first video is an introduction and overview of the process.

The second video sets up the environment, and inserts, updates and deletes the Client table, then showing the temporal results.

The third video shows updates to the dependent policy table, and the results of a temporal delete.

The Demo requires Adobe Flash Player.